Friday, 18 March 2011

Fairground Architecture

A Hugh Evelyn Excursion into Architecture 'Fairground Architecture' by David Braithwaite. This book gives an account of the history of the fairgrounds development from pagan festivals to medieval trading fairs and how certain popular entertainments at these fairs became principle attractions. Looking specifically at 'Joy Rides', 'Joints' and 'Transportation' the book forms the first comprehensive study of such a subject. It also has a remarkable early plan of Nottingham's Goose Fair from 1965 with a key to each symbol- Juvenile and Tipping Vampire Jets are currently my favourites. Although I don't remember them as the bare knuckle fighting tent seems to have taken up all my childhood memories of Goose Fair....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Giulietta Degli Spiriti - Fellini 1965

Giulietta Masina's journey...

Lunnaya Raduga (Лунная радуга) (1984)

Moon Rainbow (1984) amazingly strange russian sci-fi. With music by Eduard Artemiev (Solaris, Chebruashka). Thank you Baron for showing me this!