Sunday, 16 May 2010


I usually spend time relishing in educational programmes from dates earlier than I was born, 60's /70's aesthetics, black and white instructional school books. Lets not overlook the fabulous things below provided by the Look and Read a series aimed at improving children's literacy skills. The programme presents fictional stories in a serial format, but what I did not know was that some of the great educational songs, mainly from Badger Girl and Spywatch were composed by Peter Howell!

And one more thing! Wonderful.


  1. Cool! Tim Curry video = disturbing!

  2. Oh my days.... Geordie racer! Just bought memories flooding back for my boyfriend and I. This taught me so much, mainly about Geordies and pigeons.

  3. Clearly it didn't teach me to spell that well, or I'd know the difference between bought and brought.