Monday, 19 September 2011

Somewhere amongst this


  1. Did you do this? Good visual grammar; movement, direction etc. I had a nice time in Lincoln t'other day and bumped into a work by Ben Nicholason at the Usher Gallery - really good, sort of similar. Don't know much about him though. Enjoyed Women's Hour 4 by the way.

  2. I did do this, its about to be printed up as a screen print. Glad you like it!I won a prize from my show to do an edition at a studio and this is my print to be. Ben Nicholson..very nice..B Hepworth's husband. In fact I knew little bout him also..until I went to St Ives for a couple of days in July. Still don't know much..but they hung around Hampstead also. It was lovely in St you know that area?

    Another WH on it's way soon.