Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bauhaus and The Devils Trench. Napraforgo Street

In 1931 a proposal was put to the Budapest Works Council to build a whole street in the Bauhaus style based on a similar project in Stuggart. Although some of the houses have been rebuilt they have still kept the style in essence. The street runs alongside a small creek called The Devils Creek and is definitely worth the small journey out of the centre. There are more images and information here.

No 2

No 3
Peter Kaffka

Lajos Kozma

No 6
Lajos Kozma

No 7
Andor Wellisch

No 9-11
Robert Kertesz K

No 17
Pal Ligeti & Molnar Farkas

No 19
Alfred Hajos

No 20
Joszef Fischer

No 21
Gedeon Gerloczy

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