Monday, 16 January 2012

Peter Schmidt The Watford School and my favourite Bond

Last year I went to see the Edward Burra exhibiton at Pallant House Gallery and came across a book in their bookshop called Printed in Watford.

It was a catalogue of multimedia work from The Watford School of Art jammed full of different paper stock and intriguing texture and collage. The only further information I could find about the school was about one of it's tutors artist Peter Schmidt (friend of Brian Eno, David Toop Dieter Roth). Schmidt also did the cover for the Eno Fripp Evening Star LP. Continuing investigation in to the school and Mr Schmidt has proven very rewarding..

I am especially liking his monographs some of which could be seen in Blofelts's Alp top brainwasher in 'Her Majesty's Secret Service'.


  1. For these and many more Peter Schmidt works visit:

    Respect to John Emr for stablishing a lasting legacy (and lond over due) of the English multimedia artist Peter Schmidt.

  2. Another reason this is one of my favorite Bond movies, along with Konrad Wolf's revolving restaurant.

  3. I was a student of Peter's at Watford and worked as his studio assistant in 1972. He was an interesting man who thought deeply about his work